Wave Two – Next steps and plans

We appreciate that the impact of Covid-19 on the specialist legal advice sector is significant and ongoing. As we shift our thinking to wave two, we appreciate resources are still urgently needed to sustain and strengthen frontline social welfare law advice agencies to enable them to respond to the crisis.

At the same time, together with frontline agencies, advice sector umbrella bodies and other allies we are taking forward work on a longer-term collective ambition to strengthen the role of the law and legal rights in building a fair and equal society. We want the law and legal tools to be in the hands of communities so as to safeguard rights and to increase their power to secure change.

Wave two funding

We are in the process of fundraising for wave two of the fund, and we already have secured some funds from charitable foundations. We are also working with public funders to try to secure funds at larger scale, but timetables for decisions are such that we do not know at this stage how much would be available for distribution and would not be able to open a full grants round until April, with a view to grants becoming available from May onwards.

Details will be shared here once finalised.

Emergency ‘bridging’ funding

In the interim, we are making provision for a small number of emergency grants to organisations that are likely to face serious financial difficulties between 1 April and 1 June 2021. By serious financial difficulties we mean either of the following:

  1. Actually making frontline and other key staff redundant (rather than just commencing a redundancy process which may lead to redundancies after 1st June 2021)
  2. Inability to pay salaries (at all or at full levels) or pay bills

By “likely” we mean that these things happening are more likely than not. This funding is by invitation only.